Sherpa's Fixed rope up to Camp 3 of Mt. Dhaulagiri

  • August 30, 2017

The team of Nepalese climber from Seven Summit Treks successfully fixed the ropes via North East Route up to Camp 3 (7,400M). Highly trained Sherpas including Temba Bhote, Mingma Temba, Dawa Temba, Nima Wangdak,  who reached basecamp on 21st Aug are planning to go higher after having some acclimatization. And the team of Carlos Soria has aslo reached to the basecamp of Dhaulagiri on 29 of August. This Dhaulagiri I is the 13th 8000ers expediton of Carlos Soria remaining Shisha Panga for final 14th. Carlos attempted Mt. Dhaulagiri on the spring of 2017 but fails to reach the highest point. This expedition has 7 climber members in total including:  Luis Carcavilla (Spain), Luis Mifuel Lopez (Spain) & Boyan Petrov (Bulgaria).

The team has a plan to reach the top of the peak by fixing ropes on next few weeks, according to Chhag Dawa Sherpa, Director of Seven Summit Treks.

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