Soria's Team reached Camp II of Mt. Dhaulagiri I

  • September 5, 2017

The entire team members of Dhaulagiri I reached to Camp II (6,400m) and will be staying for 4 more nights to get acclimatize before the summit push. The attraction of Expedition is Carlos Soria Fontán (b. February 5, 1939) is a Spanish mountain climber who, at 77 years of age, has taken up the challenge of becoming the oldest person in the world to reach the summits of the 14 highest mountains in the world. He is the only mountaineer to have ascended ten mountains of more than 8,000 meters after turning 60, and he is the oldest person in history to have successfully climbed the K2 (65 years old), Broad Peak (68), Makalu (69), Gasherbru I (70), Manaslu (71 years old), Kanchenjunga (75 years old) and Annapurna (77 years old). Dhaulagiri I is Soria's 13th 8000ers to complete and Shisga Pangma (China) remains the last to summit. Carlos attempted Mt. Dhaulagiri on the spring of 2017 but fails to reach the highest point due to the bad weather.

This expedition has 7 climbing members in total including:  Luis Carcavilla (Spain), Luis Mifuel Lopez (Spain) & Boyan Petrov (Bulgaria). Boyan is in his 10th 8000ers who recently climbed Gasherbrum II (Pakistan) on 22 July 2017. His all 9th complete ascents Makalu, Manaslu, kanchenjunga, G I, G II, K2, Annapurna, Broad Peak and Nanga Parbat were without uses of supplementary of artificial Oxygen (O2). 

Soria wrote in his facebook wall:

"The rains have finally stopped in the dhaulagiri!
The #expedicióncorreos has gone out today to field 1 AND 2 to spend three days of acclimatisation.
Here you are preparing the high food, an important task, because you have to choose well; because in addition to providing the maximum energy you also have to motivate and raise your appetite, because, with height, this one loses a little .
As always, our mountaineers have the invaluable support of "Mikel" (Ming Temba) Sherpa, the sirdar or head of the Sherpa Team, a key person to coordinate all the work on the mountain."

Luis Mifuel Lopez wrote :

"The approach to our base field, at the foot of the dhaulagiri, was developed in the midst of a environment. Despite the inconvenience that the frequent rains may offer, during this season, we enjoy beautiful landscapes. The combination of lights, very close to the nearby high mustang and Tibet, mixed with the dense clouds of clouds, from the south, creates very special moments." 

  • "Sherpas from SST including Temba Bhote, Mingma Temba, Dawa Temba, Nima Wangdak has already fixed the rope up to C3 (7,400m) on 30th of Aug. The team has a plan to reach the top of the peak by fixing ropes on next few weeks as weather report is not favorable till 12th Sep" said Chhag Dawa Sherpa, Director of Seven Summit Treks.

Beside Dhaulagiri expedition SST has large number of expeditions to Mt. Manalsu. 40% of clients are on the way to basecamp and 70+ (climbing sherpas / Basecamp staffs) are already at the basecamp for the preparation of expedition before climbing members arrives. The team of Arnold Coster are also on the way to basecamp and will arrive to basecamp in few more days.

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